Jerusalem-Yerushalayim double album digital audio & PDF

“...My first impulse on hearing this disc was to commend it unreservedly to each and every man, woman, and child on the planet...”   Fanfare
“A composer on a spiritual quest who's found the near-perfect singers for it...”   Gramophone
“TONUS PEREGRINUS, a vocal ensemble made up of first-rank singers led by Pitts...”   All Music Guide
“...combined talent for divinely pure sound...”   Choir & Organ
“In terms of sheer beauty of performance and recording, this disc takes some beating...”   Fanfare
“ of the most rewarding I've heard for years...”   On an Overgrown Path
“'s pretty much impossible not to reach a state of bliss after listening to a new album featuring seven pieces chosen by English a capella choir TONUS...”   Musical Toronto

preview or buy the Jerusalem-Yerushalayim souvenir album booklet with full libretto and photographs
Jerusalem-Yerushalayim souvenir booklet with libretto and photographs

Jerusalem album session photograph by Ian Dingle ©